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YUKIGUNI is a snowboarding short film that filmmaker Iisakki Kennilä and myself made in Minamiuonuma City Japan.

In Yukiguni, it’s all about riding deepest powder in Minamiuonuma. A place that not so many foreign country riders haven’t yet found.

I have a strong connection to Minamiuonuma. This year we got an opportunity from a local guide and city counsellor Takumi Nagai who wanted us to come to create a project in his home turf. It was definitely one of the most challenging yet rewarding filming trips in Japan for us. In Minamiuonuma it snows more than any other place I’ve ever been and the snow has this moist texture on it. It feels heavy at times and since we make lot of follow cams and other moving camera angles this created a lot of challenges. In the end, though, it was exactly this unique feeling of snowfall that created the unique vibe in this film!

Through the tunnel, into the vast area of snow.

There is a place not far from Tokyo. An area of unique snow culture. For a snowboarder it is a place of joy that allows him to leave tracks on top of the white surface that storms coming from Japan sea create. This place is Snow Country also known as Yukiguni.

Directed, Filmed and edited by Iisakki Kennilä

Filmed in Minamiuonuma, Japan

Snowboarding by  Antti Autti

Produced by Takumi Nagai, Antti Autti

Supported by 

Minamiuonuma City


Still photography by Jani Kärppä / Kota Collective

Music Skip Rope by Vuono

Special Thanks

Muikamachi Hutte

Muikamachi Hakkaisan Ski Area

Kagura Ski Area

Maiko Snow Resort

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