World Heli Challenge

Aug 10, 2012 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Well that is a fine looking bird coming to pick us up!

this was one of the most coolest terrains I have been to in New Zealand.these past two days that I took part in WHC were definitely needed before the upcoming filming…

Drop in during the freestyle day. I was taking it quite easy but got couple good methods in. Kiwi rider Will Jackways was killing it …I think that lot of people don´t realize how good all terrain riders the KIWI snowboarders are…I was really inspired by their skills and attitude . photo: Harro /

World Heli Challenge 2012 was one the best event experiences I have ever had. there really isn´t too many contests out there where the result is actually just one part of the event…even if you would take a fall all the other riders would cheer for you and give you probs.
something that I have not seen in normal freestyle contests for a very long time. WHC to me was a gathering with people who share the passion to ride mountains and being out there. Yuta Kiyohara , Will Jackways, Me and Shin Biyajima ! new friends ! hope to go ride with these guys very soon!

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