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There are a few things that have kept me going forward through out my career. Determination, dedication and passion have been behind my every move, but also the right partners and help from them has given me many opportunities. Without their support many of them would have only been distant dreams.


When I was in Japan 2010 before the Vancouver Olympics and made the call to focus on backcountry riding and not compete as much anymore, little did I know what it actually would demand to do the switch. Working hard to reach my goals had never been a problem for me, but now I really had to work and not only ride. Plan what I wanted to achieve, research, book trips, hire photographers and filmers, finance and execute the production. Of course I have had many amazing people helping me, but it still was very different. Although rewarding in a whole new way.

The work that I did was not only helping me to fulfill my dreams, it was developing me as a person and it satisfied me in a more complete way than doing well in a contest. First time in years I felt like I was really moving forward. It was just harder to see and measure in the beginning,  there wasn’t any contest results. Now the judges were the people watching my videos, results were their feedback and what was even harder was that they would see the fruits of our labor sometimes a year or two after it was filmed.

There’s awfully a lot of time to think if certain shot is worth it or not or what about the whole movie? Very different pressure from having 30 000 people screaming your name at a stadium event where results are only up to your own riding that night, not the weather, shot angle, or any other of about million things that could potentially go wrong with the filming. With a film the reward comes when people are inspired by the final product. To me it is way sweeter and longer lasting than champagne on the podium.. That is what keeps me pushing and exploring further.

My advice for everyone is to make sure to live your life to the fullest every day. Taste the adventure and step outside your comfortzone, because the only way is forward!

This is how I have been moving forward in my snowboarding career. Now I would like to hear your story. What drives you to explore forward in life?

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