Tamok Lines

Apr 04, 2012 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Past 3days we have been riding long lines in Tamok,Norway. conditions have been quite safe and we even did first descents.here is Nicholas Wolken in one of the biggest faces we did in Tamok

My good friend Miikka Hast was guiding us around Tamok during the Helisession. here he rides mountain called Lille Russentinden.

Im such a beginner when it comes to big mountain riding but I was lucky enough to go out with guys who know more about this stuff.with their help I was able to push my riding to another level in this sometimes really scary genre of snowboarding..mountains here are quite rugged and really long.so you for sure need to have a lot of patience and commitment before you end up doing lines here. This was one of the best lines I have ever done.


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