Tamok Jumps

Apr 13, 2012 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

We filmed this jump for ANTIOUT movie last season. this season the windlip was totally different and jump was quite hard to ride.Joel Lahti still killed it it! bs540 stale... later on this upcoming fall you will see pretty sick one foot move from him in our movie!

Tamok is only 6hour drive from my hometown Rovaniemi,Finland. that is why I invited my friends from home to join me for filming session as well.Here Tero Poikajärvi is doing fs9 indy! I wasn´t surprised that Tero would ride well but he came to Tamok prepared and was ready to hike everywhere we wanted to go. just to give you an idea: hike to this jump zone took 3hours , building 2,5 hours and jumping another 2 hours! long day but totally worth it!

Biggest jump we ended up building in Tamok didn´t work the way I wanted but it is always worth to try new features!

Miikka Hast was our ¨team leader¨... he knows tamok area well! natural fs360 with splitboard

...I love methods!..

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