Chapter 4


¨Standing on top of the line felt almost like I was about drop into a contest run. You go thru so many things in your head but once it’s time to drop in you just put those thoughts aside & go for it!¨ – Enni Rukajärvi

Snowboarders Antti Autti & Enni Rukajarvi ride in Minaret mountains of New Zealand. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world Antti & olympic silver medallist Enni end up charging the lines in perfect snow conditions. Full speed, long turns & big mountains. This is what snowboarding is all about.

Chapter 3


¨Simple turn in the right place like a perfect bank can be the most rewarding featin snowboarding & that’s why I want to focus on it to get most fun out of the day on the mountain.¨ – Nicholas Wolken

Chapter 2


Antti Autti, Nicholas Wolken & Kohei Kudo ride deep powder in land of the rising sun.

Yukiguni also known as Snow Country is a place that receives a huge amount of snow because of the northern winds coming across the sea of japan. The winds accumulate moisture over the sea & deposit it as snow while running up again the mountains. The snow reaches up to five meters & can sometimes isolate towns & villages.

Chapter 1


Snowboarders Antti Autti & Will Jackways explore the mountains of northern Sweden in first chapter of Statements snowboard video series.

Surrounded in rugged & vast terrain near Kebnekaise, the highest mountain of Sweden they end up finding some of the coolest lines they’ve seen in Scandinavia. It is far away from ordinary snowboarding destination & because of that it makes them to appreciate the lines they ride even more.



The creators of Approach & Attack are releasing a new web series called Statements. It’ll be four chapters of pure freestyle freeriding that’ll get you hyped on snowboarding. From trees to turns, from jumps to big mountain – Statements includes it all.

On the series, it’s going to be all about action – the art of backcountry riding. The chapters will take you to natural playgrounds around the world. Get ready for Statements and keep your board near. After you’ve seen them you have to go riding.

Sponsors: Northwave Drake, Sony action cam, Transform Gloves, Neste, Arctic Guides, Southern Lakes Heliski, Lapland Resorts, EpicTv

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Riders: Antti Autti, Will Jackways, Kohei Kudo, David Djite, Enni Rukajärvi, Saku Tiilikainen, Nicholas Wolken, Takumi Nagai, Sho Shiramizu

Filming: Teemu Lahtinen, Matti Ollila, Jukka Kiistala, Alvaro Vogel
Editing: Teemu Lahtinen / Northlightpictures