Pyhä Backcountry

Statements Chapter 3

Exploring new places is one of the biggest part of Freeriding & finding something new right in your backyard makes it extra special.

Pyhä Ski Resort is located next to one of the most famous national parks in Finland and It’s the closest big resort near snowboarder Antti Autti’s home. Antti has travelled the world for a decade and during this time he started to feel like he might be missing some opportunities to ride great snow near home. As Finnish Lapland was having one the best snow years Antti & his crew decided to go film in Pyhä.

The discovery for the potential in resort and national park changed their idea of how good the natural terrain snowboarding can be in Finland.


Statements Chapter 2

To be able to snowboard in the mountains you have to study, not just ride. Understanding how wind effects, how light changes, what do the alters of temperature make are keys for good line riding. To surround yourself with people who share the passion for snow knowledge is a great way to move forward in this process.

With help from local operators snowboarder Antti Autti alongside with Levi Luggen & Hans Kestilä go on a mission to ride big mountains of New Zealand to Swedish Lapland.

Onsen Tour

Statements Chapter 1

The idea of the Onsen Tour was to travel around Hokkaido searching for great spots to snowboard and stay the nights near hot springs–also known as onsens.

With help from local legends Shinya Nakagawa and Neil Hartmann professional snowboarder Antti Autti alongside with Nicholas Wolken & Enni Rukajarvi find new untouched terrain right next to the best hot springs in the world!


Anttisworld & Kota collective presents Statements snowboard video series

Statements is all about new sceneries, stories and insights behind the locations Antti Autti & crew rode last winter. These action packed edits are designed to get you hyped to go out in nature and enjoy backcountry snowboarding. The chapters will take you to natural playgrounds from Finnish Lapland to Mountains of New Zealand.. Get ready for Statements season 2 and keep your board near. After you’ve seen them you have to go riding.

Series will be launching with Onsen Tour in Japan on 10th of October, Full Part on 24th of October and finally Pyhä Backcountry on 7th of November.

SPONSORS: Northwave Drake, Shred, Slytech, Haglöfs, Neste, Pyha Ski Resort, Arctic Guides, Southern Lakes Heliski, Bjorkliden Fjallby


RIDERS: Antti Autti, Nicholas Wolken, Enni Rukajärvi, Saku Tiilikainen, Nicholas Wolken, Levi Luggen, Hans Kestilä

Filming & Editing: Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen – Kota Collective
Photography: Harri Tarvainen – Kota Collective
Web design: Jani Karppa – Kota Collective
Produced by: Antti Autti, Ilmo Niittymaki

Music: Death Hawks
Song: Cain Go Home (1. Session)
Album: Death Hawks