Statements Season 2

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It was such a joy to make the first edition of the Statements series that me and the crew decided to go on and do whole new season! It seems  you liked the edits too since season one got over 1 000 000 views. So stoked on that! With that in mind I hope you guys will enjoy the new episodes.

Statements is all about new sceneries, stories and insights behind the locations our crew rode last winter. These action packed edits are designed to get you hyped to go out in nature and enjoy backcountry snowboarding. Thru out the season we saw some amazing new places and ended up finally getting in to some familiar stuff that we have had never been properly able to ride before.  Its been amazing working with the team again and I really couldn’t do this all without the people that accompany me on the trips. All the filmers, photographers, guides and fellow riders are indispensable for the project.  Biggest support for the projects like this comes from my partners that make this possible, without their help I wouldn’t be able to experience all this and share my adventures with you!

Thank you

Northwave Drake, Haglöfs, Shred, Slytech, Neste, Pyhä ski resort
Arctic Guides, Björkliden Fjällby and Southern Lakes Heliski

Series will be launching with Onsen Tour in Japan on 10th of October, Full Part on  24th of October and finally Pyhä Backcountry on 7th of November.

I will keep you up to date with all the releases once they come online but now prepare to get teased for next 2 minutes and 49 seconds!


  1. Theo kohlerSeptember 20, 2016   

    Thanks to your partners,same as your parents ?

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