Statements Chapter 1: Exploring Swedish Alps

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Here we go! The first chapter of STATEMENTS is all about freeriding in northern Sweden. Together with Will Jackways & film crew we went exploring in rugged & vast terrain near Kebnekaise, the highest mountain of Sweden. Terrain we ended up finding is some of the coolest we´ve seen in Scandinavia. Although this place is near legendary resort Riksgränsen it is far away from your ordinary snowboarding destination & because of that it really made us appreciate the lines we rode even more. Enjoy


Sjåmahus is maybe the nicest looking mountain I have seen in Sweden. I rode a line there in great spring conditions. Hopefully I can attack it with good pow conditions in near future. Long way down indeed. photo: Jani Kärppä


This is one of the more ¨shorter¨ lines in Abisko, Sweden. Perfect spot for morning or evening light mission. photo: Jani Kärppä


The gateway towards Kebnekaise. After you leave Abisko mountains the terrain changes radically & everything becomes massive.  Just standing and looking around in Kebnekaise area makes you feel so small. photo: Jani Kärppä


Helicopter dropping us right next to highest peak of Sweden. You will see the line from this mountain in my full part later this upcoming winter. photo: Jani Kärppä


The whole trip was made possible by Arctic Guides alongside my sponsors: Northwave, Drake, Action Cam, Neste, Transform Gloves & EpicTV shop. If you ever want to go experience the big mountains of Sweden you should contact ARCTIC GUIDES. They are super cool to work with & know this place so well!


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