Spring in Riksgransen

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When it comes to history of snowboarding Riksgransen can not be overlooked. This is where Ingemar Backman did the most legendary backside air ever and where so many film crews spend last weeks of their season. Our plan was no different! We drove up and got lost in one of the best resorts in Scandinavia! photo: Jani Kärppä

If there is one thing you can do in

Weather can sometimes be a pain in Riks but if you have right attitude and approach you can be productive during cloudy days too. Little air over rock while filmer Matti Ollila gets creative photo: Jani Karppa


Some of my friends keep asking me why I want to ride this late during the spring when there is no more powder. My answer is simple: ¨I like powder but I love snowboarding!¨ there is always cool stuff to do even thought the snow is slushy like this natural bowl ! photo: Jani Karppa


Well that is a feature I have not done for a very long time! Spring is good for building jumps and it was for sure great bonus to do some tricks on this one but l could not see myself building beastie this size during the best powdays of the season. photo: Jani Karppa


Matti cheers while Im checking footage! Filming for Approach & Attack is almost done. we still have one more trip to New Zealand before the movie comes out. Trip to Riksgransen was perfect ender for season that to me was one the hardest when it comes to weather waiting. But looking back those shitty weather days it feels like every time you learn something new and come out with more motivation than ever! photo: Jani Karppa




  1. kasparsJune 17, 2014   

    hey man, hope all is still well:) I have something for you that will interest you – my friends just created a follow-cam drone and they are looking for riders that could help to develop it in the right direction. check the link and let me know if you you would like one for your filming projects

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