Northwave & Drake

Northwave and Drake have been supporting me for a long time and through some big turning points in my career, namely the shift in focus from competition to filming in the back country. They have had trust in my decisions and they believed in my vision which I really feel grateful for. From supporting and promoting my film projects to the nitty gritty of product development. Getting the perfect boots and bindings are essential base for my riding and developing a board that suits my needs has been an amazing project. I highly recommend checking out the Drake Guerilla. Other favorites include Legend Boots and Reload Bindings.

My relationship with these two brands is way deeper than the regular sponsorship. We are in this together.

Shred / Slytech

Eye sight is a key sense for riding and challenging or changing light conditions can be a real danger when you are in the backcountry. Approach takes a long time and things can change all too quickly, so having goggles and lenses that work with the harsh elements are essential for me. Shred goggles got me covered. I always have an extra pair in my backpack and few lenses for unexpected light situations. Product works perfect and I’m stoked to be able to partner up with them. Incase I still mess things up while riding, Shred helmet and Slytech protectors got my back. Go check them out!


As a person who loves outdoors I need the right clothing for my active lifestyle. Having Haglöfs as my outerwear sponsor is just a dream come true! Their wide range of products work in any weather conditions & I can honestly say that I have never felt better in the outdoors!


It is fairly unusual for a snowboarder to have a partnership with an Oil company, but with Neste our stories just matched from day one. Their slogan “The only way is forward” suits my life philosophy perfectly and we were able to use my career path as a common ground to communicating to the youth market in Finland. Over the couple of years we have filmed an TV/Online campaign together, i did a 4 week roadtrip across Northern Scandinavia with a film crew following me and next steps are just in the making.. don’t you worry they are taking me forward…