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There is no better trick in the book than creating a slash! You can do it almost anywhere no matter what snow conditions are. But when you do it in silky soft powder you will most likely ride out with smile in your face! Here David Djite pretty much sums up why people go snowboarding in Japan. Next chapter of STATEMENTS will be all about slashing & to give you a little insights of how it will look here are few shots of me & friends slashing as much as possible! photo: Philipp Strauss



It won’t matter if it’s groomers, powder or moguls. There is always spots to do slashes. David Djite makes fast one in Gala resort, Japan photo: Philipp Strauss



Slashing is much more fun with friends! Nicholas Wolken slashes while Im trying to get into barrel. photo: Harri Tarvainen



If terrain  doesn´t have any features then creating long spray is much better option. At least photographers always like that much more. photo: Matti Ollila



This isn´t really slashing anymore. It’s more about driving your board but it still leaves a nice cloud behind the rider. Enni Rukajärvi taking her snowboarding to new levels in New Zealand. photo: Rami Hanafi



Slashing banks is what it’s all about. Check back on november 12th for Statements Chapter 3. photo: Jani Kärppä



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