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SLAMMER MAGAZINE is the biggest snowboard publication in Finland.

they are just about to release third issue of this season. here is couple photos from previous ones.

I got the cover of latest was taken in New Zealand during billabong is hands down my favourite riding shot that has ever been published. photo: Rami Hanafi

the same issue also has story about RELATE TO IT. all the photos by: Teemu Lahtinen

This photo is from Tamokdalen,Norway taken by Jani Kärppä. It is also one of my favourite ones because usually all the photos that have been published from Norway are all about big mountain riding but there is also stuff to do during cloudy days.

First issue of the season has a story of my home resort OUNASVAARA. Resort is located in the city of Rovaniemi.which is better known as capital of lapland and home of santa claus. snowboarding.I live only 2km from the resort and always go riding there when Im at home.Ounasvaara is the biggest city ski resort in Finland but for few reasons it has always been  undertaker in snowboarding.luckily things are changing. this year resort is finally going to put all their efforts to make banger park and pipe for groms and older locals to ride for the whole winter.

My friend Hans Kestilä hitting night time rail in Ounasvaara during early season.My indy tailbone on the other hand is taken on may 16. This really shows how long even the smallest resort in Lapland can hold good snow for riding. Photos: Jani Kärppä and Teemu Lahtinen


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