Saku Tiilikainen – True Hokkaido Man

Feb 09, 2013 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Finnish ripper Saku Tiilikainen just arrived in Japan few days ago. Our plan is to get few upcoming finnish riders involved with the new 2year movie project that we are currently working.Saku is one of those riders. photo: Sami Valikangas

It is first time for Saku to ride powder in he already got the taste of real blower day and tomorrow suppose to be even deeper! photo: Sami Valikangas

Big Mountain Sakari from Finland after unsuccessful landing…however today Saku stomped few really good ones…tricks are coming together. Photo: Sami Valikangas

Here is his FULL PART 2012. Saku rips!

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