Saas-Fee Boarding Holiday

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I have been in Saas-Fee at least 10 times. Mainly during the autumn when northern hemisphere winter is around the corner. As a kid I was there to practice & compete in the world cups. Lately doing photoshoots & testing products. There has always been some kind of project going on when I had been in Saas-Fee but this fall I decided that it was time to go there just to shred & warm up my pipe legs. No plans.. just riding like I would be at my home resort. I was fortunate to have my friends photographer Harri Tarvainen & filmer Mikael Ahtikari staying in the same place with me. You might guess what ended up happening. The boarding holiday suddenly became holiday with little bit of shooting included. Good times with good friends indeed!


Every day you need to take two gondolas & train that goes thru the mountain to reach the glacier. Journey to top takes about 40 minutes. Perfect time to have second cup of coffee before shred. photo: Harri Tarvainen


The main reason why I came to Saas-Fee was to warm up my pipe legs back in action. Even though I spend most of my days during the winter in the backcountry searching for good snow riding pipe is still really important for me. photo: Harri Tarvainen


Talking about that good snow! First day in the mountain & straight away slashing the banks of Saas-Fee. Couldn´t picture better warm up runs before hitting the pipe. photo: Harri Tarvainen


Some people say that if you end up riding something a lot you might loose the perspective how fun it actually is. To me riding pipe & trying to kick that back leg straight never gets old. photo: Harri Tarvainen


Filmer Mikael Ahtikari was on a job to get footage of the finnish national team. In between kicker sessions he had some time to shoot the pipe with me as well. I even ended up learning new mellow tech moves which really made the trip to Saas-Fee even more worth it. Edit will be coming out later this fall  photo: Kuno Egli




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