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I thought I’d share little information regarding my new film project ROAM. I’ve been keeping things relatively quiet about it because I wanted to have some great content ready before I’d bring out the news that there is a new film in the making. Since cov-19 pandemic has put the world in crisis and it has also had a major effect on the project I felt it would be cool to give you a sneak peek into what kind of project is in the making.

You might have watched the previous short films Closer and Yukiguni. Well, I’m very happy to let you know that I’m working again with filmmaker Iisakki Kennilä, the director of the films. To make ROAM possible we’ve also acquired more support in our crew and Finnish filmmaker Joonas Mattila has joined the team. You might have seen some of his work in Freeskier Nikolai Schrimer’s latest projects. I could not be happier to have these guys in charge of this film. Iisakki’s surf style approach in snowboard filmmaking combined with Joonas’ motivation for the mountains is a combination that I’ve been dreaming to have for a long time in my projects.

Sunset run follow cam in Lyngen while on a first filming trip for Roam in last October.
Photo: Jaakko Posti
Hiking up the first couloir of the season Lyngen, Norway.
Photo: Jaakko Posti

As the previous films have been all about taking the viewer into the ride, ROAM takes you into the mind. But don’t worry, you will be joining the ride also! My goal has always been to create inspirational projects with elements of relatable impact in them. In Roam, this won’t be an exception but the aim is to take it to higher grounds and it also means that my personal goals for have also been set higher. With the current crisis happening in the world these goals can not be accomplished without them being thought as unresponsible. Because of this, our crew has decided to postpone the film release until next year. Rest assured this one is something you want to wait for! In autumn 2021 comes a short film that gets you to a ride in the mind of a lonely rider. You, as a viewer will become part of the ride but it isn’t just the riding, not at all: climbing and splitboarding in mountains of various and sometimes extreme conditions are shown the way to get you a real perspective of what it’s like out there. You will get an experience of what it is to move through the changing seasons of Arctic mountains.

Make sure to follow ROAM in my social media and through the film partners Haglöfs, Suunto, Jones Snowboards, Shred Optics, Spark R&D and Moonlight Mountain Gear.

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