Riksgränsen Hike Mission

Jun 04, 2012 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

June 2nd was such a nice way to start my summer and at same time finish my season in northern hemishphere.Resort in ¨Riks is already closed but conditions are still really good.usually people rent sleds but we decided to save some money and hike to the spots.it only took us about 1hour to reach the top and from there with little traverse we were able to find really nice spots to ride.

My friends Ville and Erkka tagged along the whole trip.Erkka even got couple good shots. it was his first time hiking and first time riding backcountry.not a bad way to start summer for a guy who is starting high school next year.

this was such a nice natural playground. not the biggest but so FUN!

The main feature....jump over a rock into windlip. landing was a bit flat so I decided to skip hard tricks on this one.

yesterday snow turned slow and clouds started to roll in.we decided to turn our nose towards home and summer.this view is from ABISKO,Sweden where you can see the famous Mountain formation ¨Port of Lapland¨. Im ready for my summer vacation now but with in 2months I will go to New Zealand...stay tuned for RELATE TO IT movie teaser dropping this summer



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