Riding natural features is hard

Sep 10, 2011 by antti autti Category: antiout-snowboard-movie 2 comments

Ok I´ll admit it! Im lazy when it comes time to start shoveling.I don´t like to do it.so this trip to NZ and Chile has been all about riding everything as naturally as I can.It has been so hard.I´ve had more hard falls than ever.but it for sure has pushed my riding to direction where I wanna take it.this particular fall happened 3days ago.I was trying to jump cornice with cab360 and pretty much had one of the worst ragdolls I have had for a while.

after taking 2days off because of bad weather I decided to go and hit a cornice gap again.well it was different one but didn´t really work the I wanted...hope tomorrow will be better!

  1. AljonaSeptember 20, 2011   

    Good look! and take care, Antti!

    • AljonaSeptember 20, 2011   

      Luck I mean=)

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