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Jani Kärppä – The photographing wizard makes a cool moment even cooler.

You’ve become the official photographer of Antti’s projects. What are the best things about traveling with his crew?

– It must be the atmosphere of doing. We work really determinedly and enthusiastically no matter of the weather or the situation. Of course the most important thing is the crew–it has to work really well together. We have lots of fun and still the job gets done.

With Relate to It you were almost constantly on backcountry. As for a photographer, is it a privilege or a burden? At least it’s ten times easier to carry your gear with lifts.

– Backcountry is definitely the most rewarding part of this thing. It’s hard to drag yourself and your gear in the waist-deep snow, but every time it’s worth the bother. You get to be in amazing places and feel the lightest powder–couldn’t ask for more!

This year snow conditions in Niseko was something I have never seen. While Antti was swimming in neck deep powder Tomoki Takaku showed us some serious snow surfing skills. Look at that huge snow wave behind him!

What was the most memorable day shooting past season?

– I’d say the day at Postadsfejellet in Tamok was the best. Seeing the sunlight is definitely not self-evidence in Northern Norway. I think this was my third time in Tamok and my first time above the tree line. Hiking, building and shooting altogether took over 11 hours and I must say that afterwards I truly felt like we had given everything. But the pink sunset and untouched ride down–that was something…

You have been riding a lot at Finnish backcountry, too. What do you get out of it? There’s less snow and the mountains are flat–so what’s the deal?

– In the end it doesn’t matter what you are riding. It’s always about challenging yourself and having fun in so many ways. Of course I enjoy bigger, steeper lines and more importantly riding deep powder, but the most important thing is to share your ride with friends. That’s where you get the joy.

We were shooting portraits with Antti when crazy wind blow came in and started to drop down huge snow pillows from trees. You really need to watch out for those bastards!

What does Relate To It mean to you? What is the big thing behind it?

– Definitely it means doing and not about intending to do. No matter what you ride as long as you ride. You can find the best part from everything, you don’t have to search the negatives things or something to complain. We just do what we want with our own thing and let everyone else do their own.

If someone wants to be a great photographer like you, what kind of gear should one have? And what are your most important parts of your set?

– Equipment come and go so the most important is to remember that they’re just tools for self-expression. A photo should always have a point or a thought you want to deliver. If I only remembered it myself I could have a good step towards better photos. It’s about constant development… But when talking about techniques I’d recommend to get good lenses to your bag. That is your cup of pencils where you pick the right brush and paint a photo you wish.

Man behind the lenses is having some troubles with keeping them clean. All you can do is laugh. Teemu Lahtinen & Joel Lahti.

You’ve been traveling here and there, but what place you haven’t been you really want to visit? And I mean snowboardwise.

– That’s a tough question. I’d like to see as many places as I can, and none of them goes above others. But if I’d get tickets anywhere I want it must be to the Southern Hemisphere where I’d point. I’ll say to Chile.

Last time we were in Japan we got you singing karaoke for the first time in your life. What does it take to make you do it again?

– Hahaa! It was a fun night and I think I’d be ready to do it again. But I suppose it would need nightlife of Tokyo and good company!

Well – beer yoga is also something that I can’t watch without a smile on my face. Beer yoga and onsen with healthy Japanese food keeps these guys going. Teemu Lahtinen, Tuukka Tams & Joel Lahti.

This was maybe the most memorable day from last season. It was a whole day mission with few hours of split boarding, more hours with building a jump, shooting in sunset and long soft ride down to the valley. I just love this “job”!

Ounasvaara (ski resort in Rovaniemi) was big positive surprise for me this spring. They build quite good jump and we had nice session in sunset in our home town. Thumbs up!


Age: 33

Home: Rovaniemi


Board and setup: Burton Barracude 61 & Freebird 61

Dream crew to ride and shoot with: The kind filled with passion and skill.

Best places to ride: Japan, Norway

Music: punk, rock, rap

Other hobbies: cycling in all forms, skateboarding and music

Last words: Kiitos!

words: Tuukka Tams  captions: Jani Kärppä

photos: Jani Kärppä  portraits: Teemu Lahtinen.


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