RELATE TO IT RIDER: Tero Poikajärvi

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Tero Poikajärvi

Can you name anyone with cooler ways to spin?

we hiked to this jump spot 3 hours , built the jump 3 hours and rode it another 3 hours. after such a hard work to just get everything going on Tero still killed it.                                                fs 9 indy Tamokdalen,Norway
photo: Jani Karppa

You must be the hard-luck rider of Relate To It. You’ve been injured so many times I just can’t keep the record. How was your last season, did you stay in one piece? 

– Yep I’ve been taking some hits past three winters. I missed the spring sessions every year. Mostly I have had problems with my knee and back, but otherwise I’ve had fun and ridden some new stuff every season.

You’re known from weird tweaks and unique ways of spinning. What does it take to make such a recognizable style?

– I think you can have recognizable style just by going for it without thinking too much what others think. You also have to own some crazy creativity.

Do you think a lot the moves you pull or do you just go for them?

– I don’t really think a certain trick for a certain spot in advance. Of course at the spot you go through the tricks and the worst-case scenarios in your head before you go. Sometimes they go as planned, sometimes they don’t.

Tero did his first big mountain line last winter in Tamok,Norway. the same line was also first descent.Pretty nice way to get into big mountain riding. photo: Rami Hanafi

Relate To It is more or less a freeride movie – well maybe not in it’s deepest meaning but still. How you liked riding backcountry with the boys?

– I really enjoyed riding backcountry with the boys. It was a perfect group to start with. Learned shit loads of new stuff from backcountry riding.

Any scary shit that happened?

– The first big runs in Tamok we’re scary for me but otherwise everything went well.

If you would have to name one trick you hope to be on the movie from you, what would it be?

– The trick would be the backside rodeo seven in Podstadsfjället but too bad I didn’t land it so it’s not going to be in the movie

Fs5 tailgrab during greybird day in Tamok. photo: Jani Kärppä

I’ve asked this from others too so I’m not going to skip you. What does Relate To It mean to you, and where do you relate to?

– I think Relate To It means if you see something you like, than you should go and do it. And I think that’s what the guys are expecting from the upcoming movie. To get people stoked of just by going snowboarding. It doesn’t matter if the stuff aren’t big and scary. Just to get people stoked to go cruise around.

if you get a chance you should go to Tamok! Tero went there and had pretty ok time:)!!   photo: Rami Hanafi

What are you expecting from premiere nights?

– My expectations are that it’s going to be a sweet movie and I hope that everyone will enjoy being there.

Age: 24

Home: Rovaniemi

Sponsors: Nitro

Board and setup: Nitro Team 155 Gullwing and Rook 152

Dream crew to ride and shoot with: group of good friends

Best places to ride: It depends on conditions. A nice group of people, sunny sky and fresh snow–now that’s a good setup.

Music: variable

Other hobbies: skateboarding, frisbeegolfing etc.

Last words: Big props to everyone participating in Antti’s new project. Filmers, photographers, riders, sponsors etc.


words: Tuukka Tams

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