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Miikka Hast  – One of the most experienced Finnish freeriders on Earth.

Miikka knows his way around in Tamok,Norway.he was our group leader over there. he did amazing job bringing us into some committing but fun mountains to ride.   photo:Rami Hanafi

Before your freeriding career you were traveling a lot with Antti, but after you took it to backcountry you haven’t ridden that much with him. How was it filming with him in your territory?

– It was great to film with him again. He is always so stoked on snowboarding and motivated even if the conditions aren’t the best. Everybody should take an example of him in that matter. We have been doing different projects the past few years but always met up somewhere and rode. It’s been really good to see Antti taking his riding deeper into the backcountry. He is eager to learn new stuff in the mountains, not just new grabs or more spins anymore. We see the terrain in a similar way so it’s easy to film together. But we also have little different perspectives to the riding, which gives both something new when filming.

Where were you riding with Antti, and how was it?

– We were riding in Revelstoke early season trip and in Tamok late season. In Revelstoke we were doing our own thing with Jonas (Hagström) too so it was kind of a mix of projects and goals. Early season is always fun to ride but not so fun to shoot. In Tamok everything came together and we had a common goal. The conditions were awesome and we had the best time.

You sure know the guy. Is he somehow different now as he’s more like his own king?

– He is more mellow, more patient and thoughtful. At the same time he is very driven by his goals still, which has brought him where he is today.

First descent in Mt.Innertinden ,Tamok    photo:Rami Hanafi

There is a deeper meaning in Relate To It. What does it mean to you?

– Well for me it’s been really easy to RELATE to the idea since I got into splitboarding so hard few years back. There’s not much standing in the way for me and the mountains except myself. There is usually good and accessible stuff around if you are ready to work for it.

What was your highlight shooting this film?

– The heli days in Tamok for sure.

Mt.Lille russetinden,Tamok.     photo:Rami Hanafi

As you know many mountains like your own pockets, what are the places you recommend the most?

– It depends what you are after and it’s all about the conditions. I like most mountain ranges if the conditions are good. I like the Alps for the accessibility and food, Norway for the wildness and remoteness, Japan for the consistent pow and culture and B.C for all around awesomeness.

So if someone doesn’t know you’re traveling with Jonas and searching for the best powder. Is that all you do? Like, could a job get any better from that!

– No, it simply can’t. We did Snowtour project for the past three seasons mainly and it has been absolutely the best time. Learned and traveled a lot and rode a LOT of pow. Of course there is more to the winter season but that has been biggest part of it. But now I think it’s time to do something new again and change the mix a bit. It’s kinda sad but maybe the next thing is going to be even better!

In Tamok some people asked us if we went to shoot some ¨PINK¨? whatta hell is Pink? Pop Singer?…Miikka scoring the last turns of the day!    photo: Rami Hanafi

Splitboard Bs rodeo 7 in Postadsfjellet,Tamok    photo: Jani Kärppä

What greetings you tell to the people about to watch Relate To It?

– Check it out, get off your ass and go out there. Explore and enjoy.

Age: 31

Home: Rovaniemi

Sponsors: Protest, Jones snowboards, 32, etnies

Board and setup: Jones Flagship 61, Solution 61 (splitboard) and Hovercraft 56. More nose, less tail and feet nicely apart.

Dream crew to ride and shoot with: The crew we had in Tamok was great. Antti, Laama, Hanafi, Wolken, Poikajärvi. Hagström was missing though! It’s always the best to ride with motivated people who are willing to explore. But it’s always good to ride with more experienced and better riders especially in the backcountry. Observe and learn.

Best places to ride: It’s all about conditions! But of course there has to be some terrain underneath the snow; Northern Norway, the Alps, B.C., Niigata Japan, Alaska

Music: rock n’ roll

Other hobbies: surfing, skateboarding, climbing, tennis, yoga, good food and drink

Last words: “You never know if you don’t go” – ancient snowboarding proverb

Text: Tuukka Tams

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