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Joel Lahti

This sidekick should have his own show!

The heli dropped Joel on top of the mountain but after jump got built and session started it was all about hiking. fs 360 stale in Mt.Blåbaerfjellet , Tamok   photo:Hanafi


You’ve been working so long with Antti it feels like your brothers or something. How do you describe your relationship?

– Antti is a good friend and been helping me so much. It’s been great to be part of this project, because we share same kind of view to snowboarding. It’s been nice to hang with Antti and I always have to push my riding as I’m trying to keep up with him.

What are the main differences in this project considered to others you’ve made?

– The difference is that we haven’t filmed anything else than powder. It was awesome, but I had to cut my shootings due to lack of money. Otherwise it felt the same as the others: cool vacations with friends.

I know you, people in Finland know you, but there might be someone out there who hasn’t heard about Joel. So, let him know!

– I’m a regular douchebag who likes to ride and knows how to make pizza. Go to check the film and come to have a slice if you don’t believe me.

Past season we had only one sunny day in Asahidake,Japan. Not sure if Joel knew but small avalanche chased him thru this gully.   photo: Kärppä

What was your highlight of the season?

– Powder days in Japan with beers in onsen afterwards. Also the trip to Tamok was memorable. There was somehow cool atmosphere. And there I got to play with helicopter for the first time.

I suppose you haven’t seen the film yet, but if you have to point a single trick from the season you hope makes the cut, what would it be?

– I hope my millerflip from Japan made the cut. It was filmed on the first day of the trip, and that kind of I’ve been wanting to film for a long time.

Norwegian NATO forces built avalanche barriers in Tamok. when avy danger is low you can go and use the barrier as pipe wall like Joel does.  photo: Hanafi

Relate To It is kind of philosophical. What does it mean to you?

– For me the thought behind it reminds me about the riding when I was young. Back then we rode everything and everywhere. Most importantly you can always ride something and have fun–no matter what the conditions are. I’ve realized in the past couple years that you get to ride powder quite easily. It used to something you’d only dream about.

You’ve been riding in many places. What are your tips for people to visit, and what should they do there?

– I have to recommend Japan. It’s just so sick place. People, food, the culture–and of course the powder and the places that are just from another planet. Tamok is also great. There you get to rest your head as there’s nothing but mountains and snowboarding knaves in hundreds of kilometers.

Is that ¨AlliHopa¨?…NO… it is… ¨Alley Oop¨ and Joel Lahti in Norway.    photo: Hanafi

there really isn´t too many riders in Finland who can say that they have ridden big mountain line.last season Joel became one of them.   photo: Hanafi

What is your next move? Where is Jokke heading?

– Jokke’s next move is to roll some pizzas to the beginning of winter and hopefully then I get to ride and shoot with Antti. Everything’s a bit open, but I think I’ll do something fantastic next winter.

Age: 24

Home: Tampere, Finland

Sponsors: 686, Sappee snowpark and I get some help from 32 and Head

Board and setup: Head 156 wide, 15 front and 12 back, my stance is always changing

Dream crew to ride and shoot with: Antti, Hast, Hans Kestilä, Naku Piirainen.

Best places to ride: Sappee, Mustavuori, Japan

Music: rock

Other hobbies: skateboarding

Last words: Have fun!

words: Tuukka Tams


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