QP in Riksgränsen

Jun 01, 2012 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 2 comments

Riksgränsen has a lot history in snowboarding.it is the place where Ingemar Backman did probably the most famous backside air ever! this Quarter Pipe was awesome way to start the first weekend of june!

Young finnish rider Erkka Siivola just turned 16 years old.he is with us during this trip and has been doing very well.A bit older finnish rider Miikka Hast just turned 31 and shows that age is just a number. bs540´s can be done even if you would ride board with swallow tail

Erkka and Fs alley-oop indy!


  1. AmaruJune 03, 2012   

    At this time the snow is in actual stage???
    OMG lots of people will kill for that )

    Ride on budy !

  2. suba subaJune 11, 2020   

    Just to let you know your site appears a little bit different on Safari on my laptop using Linux.

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