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Finland is known for it’s great parks and rail spots but freeriding culture is still at it’s very beginning. The common idea is that there is just not too many good places to do it and freeriding in Finland is usually at it’s best when there is a chance to do few slashes next to the slopes. The exploration to find natural terrain riding has never really been in a limelight of snowboarding in Finland.

I have also grown into this same idea but all the years I’ve travelled the world I’ve started to question it. There has been countless times when I’ve been thinking that am I actually missing something here. Why am I always doing the same things all over again when Im snowboarding at home. Is there a place that would actually give me the same or even better feeling of discovery as the ones that I get when Im traveling.

Pyhä Ski Resort is located next to one of the most famous national parks in Finland and It’s the closest big resort near my home. I’ve heard many stories about  how great the backcountry in Pyhä looks but I’ve never seen any photos or footage from there. As Pyhä was having one of the best winters for a very long time I figured it’s time to leave these old ideas behind and go see if I could actually find something special.

What me and the crew found from Pyhä has truly changed my view of what natural terrain riding in Finland can be. I was reminded that you don’t always have to go so far away to find new things. All you need is open mind and passion to go see what’s on the other side of the fjell.

I hope this video will inspire you to go seek new spots near home as well!

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts afterwards.


  1. kasparsNovember 08, 2016   

    what an amazing vibe!! nailed it again

  2. pyhän kävijäNovember 09, 2016   

    Kuinka paljon tuossa itse asiassa oli Peurakurusta kuvaa? Oliko se lopun kurun pohjalle lasku Peurakurusta, vai Pikkukurusta? Se näytti kovasti pikkukurulta… Tosi hieno pätkä joka tapauksessa, tuolla Huttujärvellä pitäisi joskus käydä yöpymässä.

    • antti auttiNovember 24, 2016   

      Tuossa oli aika paljonkin materiaalia Peurakurulta tai kurun viereisiltä penkoilta:) ja viimeinen lasku tosiaan on pikkukurulta. Hieno paikka!

  3. BorovpeldDecember 12, 2019   

    Фантастическая история о – энск

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