NZ Gallery #2 – Perfect Day

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Heliboarding is whole lotta FUN! To people who have never tried it, I can tell you from experience that normal holiday can be one the best days on snowboard and you most likely get hooked on it. But when you go to the mountains and your plan is to make a snowboarding film then it becomes whole different game. First of all it costs a lot of money and sometimes conditions are not worth of the payment that you put down. However this post is about when mother nature let us be as free as possible in the mountains. Sometimes she can be a bitch but on this particular day in New Zealand everything was just PERFECT. photo: Rami Hanafi


The question that always pops in my mind before the first run, ¨It sure looks nice but I wonder if it is?¨ photo: Rami Hanafi


Funny thing about getting dropped on top of the mountain is that you actually do not know how the snow is before your first run. You can check all you want on the top but ultimately the first run always tells whether ¨shit is gonna go down or not¨. photo: Rami Hanafi


Warm up run, first turn and I can control my riding perfectly. I ride down as fast as I can so that I could be on the top and get on the stuff that I really wanna ride. photo: Rami Hanafi


Once you are on the top, lines do look a little bit different than from where you scoped it. You know it is gonna be whole different ride than the first one you did. Sylvain Bourbousson checking his entry point. photo: Rami Hanafi


This is why you came up here! Lines like this make you stoked for days after! rider: Sylvain Bourbousson photo: Rami Hanafi


Prober tranny finder in the mountains feels always good because you know that after you land there is still long downhill ahead of you! To me this was one the best natural airs I have done. photo: Rami Hanafi


¨We just rode lines with perfect snow so should we do a kicker?¨ ¨Why not, after all we can lap it with the helicopter¨ photo: Rami Hanafi



Days like this when you are able to ride lines and hit jumps in perfect snow do not come often. But when that day arrives it most likely can be one of the pinnacle days that you will experience in snowboarding. At least to me this particular one was like that. I can´t wait to go back to New Zealand this fall and try to score some more days like this! photo: Rami Hanafi





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