NZ Gallery #1 – My favorite playground

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NZ_28082012_heli3_photoTeemuLahtinen 173

All thought summer in northern hemisphere just begun Im already planning trip back to one of my favorite playgrounds in the world, New Zealand (NZ). I have visited NZ every year since 2005 and It is still nice to realize that every time I go there I find new stuff to ride. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen Location: McKerrow Mountains


Almost each heli run in New Nealand ends up in a bowl that has rollers like this. These spots are perfect for setting quick jumps before getting lift up for another line. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen Location: Mt. Turner


When conditions are good terrain in New Zealand can be one the best in the world. But to be able to make your riding day really good you need local knowledge! Past couple seasons I have been fortunate enough to shred with Will Jackways. He knows spots really well and is such a strong freerider! photo: Teemu Lahtinen location: McKerrow Mountains


It is hard to describe the beauty of this country! Staying in town of Wanaka feels like home to me. It is such a nice place. photo: Teemu Lahtinen location: Wanaka


In my opinion New Zealand heli operators are best in the world. Their low-key but still really professional approach to our needs as a film crew makes me wanna go back there and explore more of their amazing terrain. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen Location: Up in The Air

NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 34

This was my first run of the day that ended up being one the best ones I had last season in NZ. Getting lift up with my own private heli was pretty much dream come true experience on it´s own. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen Location: Minaret Mountains

NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 72_OK

Even the most epic place can be dangerous so making calm and right decisions is really important. Before this run I backed out of riding steep line since I was afraid of snow stability. Backing out proved to be a good call since even on this mellow run I ended up releasing small slab avalanche. Even thought backcountry can be dangerous it is still best way to experience riding in New Zealand. Having yourself surrounded with good guides and friends will help you to get lot of cool stuff done. That is one the main reasons why I keep going back to Kiwi Land! I just love to snowboard down there! Photo: Teemu Lahtinen Location: Minaret Mountains


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