New Zealand – deep in kiwi backcountry

During fall 2012 I went to New Zealand with my billabong team mate Sylvain Bourbossoun.

During fall 2012 I went to New Zealand with Billabong team mate Sylvain Bourbossoun. Our goal was to film for Billabong and my movie project RELATE TO IT photo: Rami Hanafi

Cardrona resort next to Wanaka town offers fun spots for backcountry riding.we found punch of good natural waves to build hip jumps. Sylvain

Cardrona Alpine Resort next to town of Wanaka offers fun natural waves to build hip jumps. Cardrona is my favourite resort to go riding because of it´s versatility. you can ride powder , pipe and park in one day. Sylvain and switch method! photo: Rami Hanafi

This photo was taken early in the morning during the day that I will remember forever

This photo was taken in Mt. Albert before our first lines of the day. Together with Sylvain we were scoping our entries in to the lines that actually ended up being the best bangers of the whole shoot. To me it was one of the best days on a snowboard. photo: Rami Hanafi


Upper part of my second line in Mt. Albert. Riding lines is scary but really rewarding after you end up riding it well. It was good to be up there with experienced backcountry rider like Sylvain. Getting great footage and photos in a zone like this requires huge team effort and getting support from your riding buddy is a nice kick before your line! photo: Rami Hanafi


The only jump we ended up building was really fun but I must admit that it felt like we were treated too good since it was made after perfect morning of riding lines. Bs 720 tail . photo: Rami Hanafi

Right now Im on my way to New Zealand and I would be lying if I didn´t

Past season in New Zealand was the best I have ever experienced. For next 6 weeks I will be in New Zealand again. The only thing Im trying to tell myself to go out there with open mind and follow the goals I want to achieve. But most importantly Im telling myself that ¨every season is different , do not compare this to last one¨…. I hope we can catch it good again this year. photo: Rami Hanafi

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