My 2nd World Heli Challenge

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Few people have asked me why I enter World Heli Challenge (WHC) in New Zealand.
They ask me, ¨are you now doing freeride contests?¨ My awnser is always , ¨No,
WHC works as a perfect way for me to start of my season and challenge myself to ride fast from the first day I go to backcountry. Because the main reason Im in NZ is ride big mountains and try to get footage for our movie.¨  Photo: Teemu Lahtinen


In New Zealand probably the best backcountry riding is done with help from local helicopter operators and guides. First day in the heli after a while is always a good experience. WHC provides 2 days of powder riding with Helicopter. Pretty good deal I would say. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen


This year freestyle day venue was at Mt.Turner, pretty much every snowboarders dream playground. Heli was following each competition run so the pressure was on to land some good stuff for the film as well. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen


Little Method at the end of my second line in Mt.Turner. Even thought my biggest goal for this trip is filming it for sure felt good to hear that I placed 2nd overall right after Kiwi friend Will Jackways. I really hope I can make it back next year. photo: Teemu Lahtinen




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