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My home resort Ounasvaara is located in city of Rovaniemi,Finland. For years I have been starting my season over there riding on articial snow pumps that are on the hill before its opening.  Some might call it weird but to me it has been one of the best ways to get back into riding. photo: Jani Karppa


You have to use your imagination to be able to ride this snow because after it lands on the ground there is only a short amount of time when you can ride it soft. photo: Jani Karppa


Dreamy looking pillow fields are usually hardback. photo: Jani Karppa


While temperatures are jumping up and down there are days when snow gets soft as well. photo: Jani Karppa


Shovel work is needed once in a while
photo: Jani Karppa


Those are not clouds on the background. it is snow flying from the snow cannon photo: Jani Karppa


Sometimes best days I get to ride my home resort actually happen before its opening. this inverted 540 happened one of those days. photo: Jani Karppa




  1. Matti VerkasaloNovember 23, 2013   

    Any trick to keep your goggles on and clear with the supercooled water the snow cannons are blowing?

  2. Félix Ouellet-CloutierNovember 24, 2013   

    Awesome pictures dude.

  3. AnttiNovember 24, 2013   

    Hey Matti,

    I think you just need to have a good goggle wipe ready to clean that water out right after it hits the lenses.
    thats what I tried to do 🙂 and sometimes actually manage to save my vision for a while before getting totally frozen from the cannon:)

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