Lost in the trees

Oct 10, 2013 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Snowboarding in tree line is a blast! for me it is the best kind of backcountry riding. Probably because you can go out there in any kind of weather. photo: Jani Karppa  location:  Valhalla Powder Snowcats, BC


Hiking in tree line is usually fairly safe comparing to alpine. My favourite thing is to hike & ride zones where I can do multiple things in one day . this spot in Whitewater ski resort was exactly like that. photo: Jani Karppa


Even if snow conditions aren´t always the best , tree line still offers lot fun stuff to do. You just need to look around and open your eyes for possibilities. This Melon of pillow actually worked out fine even thought we were riding hot pow instead of blower. photo: Jani Karppa


Approach & Attack edit – Antti Autti ¨in the trees¨ will be out october 25th in onboard magazine and anttisworld.com. stay tuned. photo: Jani Karppa Location: Tamok , Norway



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