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As my trip in southern hemisphere is coming to an end I figured it would be nice to share a little peek to lines that our crew ended up riding during this trip. New Zealand is having the best season since 10years & it definitely allowed us to get into way bigger & steeper lines than before. Especially middle of august was unreal. Snow & stability was better than I have ever experienced there.


¨Bells¨ has some of the coolest terrain in Minaret range. I have seen it many times past years but I´ve never ridden anything there. This season everything came together & I ended up doing 2 first descents in there.

New lines in Minarets. This location is all about high speed boarding & classic turns. Long roller on the top

New lines in Minarets. This location is all about high speed  & classic turns. Long roller on the top made the entry somewhat intimidating but once that was cleared it was on!


Good old Mt.Albert never gets old. Each year I go to New Zealand I dream about going back there. I have ridden there many times & everytime I go there I keep finding new stuff. It´s ultimate big mountain playground! photo: Tucker Patton / Triple Point Expeditions


Will Jackways & I rode some of these lines during the filming for Approach & Attack. With snow being so good this season I wanted to go back there. I don´t want to ruin anything before the Statements edit comes out but I can tell you this much; It was freaking steep & deep! These are definitely some of the best lines I have ridden in New Zealand. photo: Tucker Patton / Triple Point Expeditions

Another look into Bells during sunset. These lines are quite something

Another look into Bells & over during sunset. Those spines behind are quite something.Unfortunately there is huge exposure on those & I was not comfortable to ride that stuff yet. However these lines in Bells got attacked punch of times from behalf of our crew. photo: Tucker Patton / Triple Point Expeditions

Getting ready to drop in.

New Zealand can be hit & miss for sure. Snow quality & air temperature sometimes changes rapidly. These reasons can make planning & riding challenging . But when everything clicks it is one of the best places in the world to snowboard. Big thumbs up for KIWILAND!

STATEMENTS edit from New Zealand will be released in Snowboardmag & Onboardmag on november.But don´t worry. You don´t have to wait the goods until then. I keep posting new stuff every week on Instagram, TwitterFacebook & here at to give you a chance to get hyped for the upcoming winter!

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