Last day in Folgefonna

It was raining pretty much everyday during our stay in Folgefonna.all together it was sunny about 4 hours last basically made impossible to ride huge features.before my filmer Teemu took this photo we were sitting in the car about 2,5 hours thinking about if we should just leave ´cause we couldn´t make it to top of the mountain since road was so the end it was last day for Joel Lahti to snowboard this season so we decided to go milk it hard! fun run between rocks and the craziest thing is that we were so happy after that shors 150meter run:-)

Best part of riding these small patches of snow is that usually there is such a small amount of snow in couple spots that you will need to take quite a lot speed to make that part look good too.lower part on the right side of this ¨milky run¨was quite a mission to ride down fast.

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