Sep 29, 2011 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 3 comments

I had to post this here! It is still one of the best video parts I have ever seen! those straight lines are just nuts!

  1. Johan OSeptember 29, 2011   

    Thank you all for the possitive vibration !
    I don´t see this clip very often ,but it sure brings back some memmories…
    Like to send out a massive shout-out to all the stoked people I´ve met on the road for nearly 20 years now , and for those I´m about to meet…
    – pray for powder !
    Anti : have a blast this winter , reespect !
    / Johan

  2. AnttiSeptember 29, 2011   

    Thanks Johan!
    already had awesome start in southern hemisphere!
    hope you get some powder this winter too!

    take care

  3. MichaelDecember 14, 2011   

    Include me as one of those people inspired by this part Johan. This is mental – Thanks!

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