Japan Dreams

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It is early november and I really want to go ride powder! But I have decided to grow my hunger and wait until January before going for my first filming trip of the season. There is one location that always stands out to me as best way to get back into powder and filming. I have been there 14 times and it never gets old. Hiking and riding the lightest powder in the world. This location is JAPAN!   photo: Sami Valikangas

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Sharing is caring! Saku Tiilikainen (behind) is coming to Japan again with me this season! If you are unknown of riding big terrain the best way to get the feeling of powder riding is to get lost in the trees.  photo: Sami Valikangas

Hitting jumps in forest is sometimes difficult. this cab 360 was so scary to land because I had to ride thru some trees

Doing tricks in forest is sometimes difficult. this cab 360 was challenging because I had to ride thru tight spot of trees right after landing. stay tuned for new photo edit from Niigata, Japan. dropping end of this week. Photo: Sami Valikangas



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