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We are under month away from the release of STATEMENTS chapter #1. I figured it would be time to give little insights of what kind of footage you can expect to see in starting october 14th.


Past season was all about exploring & freeriding. Late in the spring our crew travelled up to northern Sweden to search new lines. What we found was something truly amazing. We couldn´t believe how amazing terrain this place has to offer. It was my first but definitely not last trip to Abisko & Kebnekaise area. photo: Jani Karppa


Japan never gets old. Riding is always fun & productive but reason why I go there every season is the ultimate experience that you can only get when you hang out with local people. My friend mountain guide Takumi Nagai was telling me about this terrain that was located right next to hot spring resort Satoyama Jujo. The only way to access the zone was to hike thru the resort complex that was surrounded by huge snow piles. Staff at the resort were hyped that we wanted to go check the terrain. After we were done riding they offered us to take a dip in the onsen. That´s what I call great hospitality! photo: Jani Karppa


Nicholas Wolken was filming with us last season in Japan. His carving skills are on point! You can expect to see lof of flow & high speed slashes from Nico in one of the chapters later this fall. Photo: Harri Tarvainen

Guess who rode her first lines ever in New Zealand? Well Enni Rukajarvi of course. This boss woman has much more to give to snowboarding!

Guess who rode her first lines ever in New Zealand? Enni Rukajarvi is the best finnish female rider ever & Im stoked see that Enni can see her riding go beyond contest gates. This boss woman has much more to offer! photo: Rami Hanafi

I mentioned that last season was all about freeriding. To everyone who don´t know what freeriding means here is the lowdown:

I mentioned that last season was all about freeriding. Don´t worry there is going to be airtime involved in every STATEMENTS chapter. After all freeriding is about making the best out of the terrain front of you! Sometimes it can be a huge couloir or just a simple powder field. In this case it was the ultimate face of Mt.Albert in New Zealand. Last season was all time & you can for sure see it in the edits. The first Chapter of Statements will be released october 14th Photo: Rami Hanafi





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