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It has been about 1,5 weeks since the release of Approach & Attack. Thanks for the comments. Me and rest of the production crew really appreciate all the feedback the movie has been getting.

Since the release of  the movie, I have started to receive many questions about backcountry lifestyle. So I figured to give you 5 basic tips of how to make your own ¨APPROACH¨. I hope these will give you better outcome for the adventures you are planning to do.


#1: LOCATION! Thing that starts every approach is the location you want to go to. If you have seen a photo or heard of a place then you know there is going to be information about it and all you need to do is to search for it. photo: Miikka Hast


#2 THIS WILL MAKE YOUR APPROACH SO MUCH BETTER! Always try to connect with people who have knowledge of the places you want to go to. Finding good location for the stuff you want to do can sometimes require use of a computer.Google earth is really good tool to learn about terrain before you have seen it. When you use it with person who has more experience of surrounding locations you can make your plan of approach way better. photo: Teemu Lahtinen


#3 PICK YOUR CREW! Sharing the ups and downs with your friends will make your adventure so much more richer. Surround yourself with people who share the similar passion and goal. If you want to ride natural terrain the last thing you need is a guy who wants to search that perfect roller to build a wedge. or other way around…  Always remember to stick with the crew and share the same goal when the day of approach arrives! photo: Jani Karppa


EAT A LOT! If you are gonna spend your day in the backcountry don´t start it with same brekky as the one at home! You gotta eat! My girlfriend is always worried that I don´t have any meat on top of my bones when I get back from the Approaches. Most of the time she is right. so take this tip and EAT EAT and EAT! photo: Teemu Lahtinen


#5 ENJOY THE APPROACH! It is easy to enjoy when you are using machines. But when it comes down to hiking It is easier to say than do. Train physically and mentally before the trip so you will get your hike flow faster.Hiking will give you way more snow knowledge comparing to machine accessed approaches. Even though approach might be slower the outcome can sometimes be better. photo: Jani Karppa

Next week it´s time for 5 simple ATTACK tips!

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