Holiday update vol. 1

Jul 05, 2011 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

I went to have meetings with Billabong and small holiday to Hossegor,France.

The meeting place?

The meeting with my agent Makke

went to Billabong shop to get some new gear that got lost right away in Paris airport

I have been with Billabong now for 10 years so basically since the beggining of my career.I went to see David and Reid at Billabong office.they have helped me out a lot thru out my career

Ok I then missed my flight from Biarritz to Paris and had to take a train/bus combo to airport.I just barely made it to my flight.this is how holiday traffic looks in Paris

of course I missed my flight to Rovaniemi as well which meant that I had time to go see The MARS VOLTA in Helsinki....

just as I thought Im gonna go home to chill for a bit my brother suggested that we should just go to beach for couple days!well that we did and flew to Las Palmas

our flat for next couple days is pretty sweet

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