Holiday update 2 – Canary Island

Jul 07, 2011 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

So I decided to take one more short vacation in the sun before heading back home.I flew to Canary Islands and stayed in town of Maspalomas.we didn´t wanna hang at the tourist beach but we sure found a lot sand!

My brother Tuomas stays true to his was only + 34 and his rocking black jeans!

back in the days infamous finnish singer Irwin Goodman went to Las Palmas,Spain.we stayed right next to las palmas and surely I wanted to copy some of ¨Irwin steez¨ for my trip as well.

LOCAL and not so local.went to surf with my friend Pasi who has been living in Canary Islands for years

This spot is sick! you can swim into caves and jump of the those spots that normal tourists won´t find.

this theater had rollecoaster ride in felt so cool! if you go to maspalomas. this is one of the places you should visit

6D glasses were also very random

last night we went up to the mountains. Tuomas checking the sunset!


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