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Arrival to Hikarigahara parking lot was exactly like any other spot where you would start hiking in Japan.but one thing was different.this time we would have a cat… photo: Sami Valikangas

Drive up to the spots took about 30minutes.we had sleds as well in case we would find a spot to have a session photo: Sami Valikangas

There was so many spots in higarikahara to ride.unfortunately for us the conditions were too dangerous for the biggest lines but luckily we found some nice treeruns to have fun. here Im checking the first spot of the day. photo: Sami Valikangas

Our main guide was legendary japanese rider Masanori Takeuchi.He is the owner of Hikarigahara cat tours. Mr. Masa is 47 years old and still poking a prober method! I want to be like him when I turn 47. photo: Sami Valikangas

Another japanese legend Mitsugu Toyoda was guiding us as well.it just brings me such a nice feeling to see how much these older riders still love to snowboard. If you take care of yourself there is no age limit in snowboarding… photo: Sami Valikangas

  1. Taun StanhamJune 17, 2013   

    Hi, just trying to gather a bit of info on the tours. how much was a tour? and how often do they run them?


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