Good Life of Car Danchi

Feb 02, 2013 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

wake up 6am from the car floor and get ready! one morning it might be -25 and other -4…good car danchi life requires good sleeping bag and accessories

breakfast of real danchi takes place at hallway of public restroom.Our guides Shinya and Neil took care of the boiling program so well that I recommend danchi menu for everyone

drive to the spots! give high fives before and after each run! enjoy your time on the mountain fullest!…

Car Danchi freestyle approacher Yuta Kobayashi and natural fs360 mute in Tokachidake

After riding locals take you to see awesome spots! Tyler Chorlton in Kurodake snow festival

Best of all! Nothing beats Onsen after riding!

Car Danchi crew and three danchi wannabes! one of the best snowboarding experiences I have ever had.

Im so happy that we are making 2 year movie project! Next Year it is car danchi time again! Thanks to Shinya , Neil and rest of the crew for showing us your world of snowboarding.

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