Fun in Sweden

Nov 20, 2015 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Northern Sweden is the bomb! It has some of the funnest terrain in Scandinavia. Past winter I spent over a month exploring mountains in between Abisko & Riksgränsen. ¨Riks¨ is legendary place for transition riding & holds this status for a reason. It is where the most legendary backside air in history of snowboarding happened & multiple inspiring freestyle video parts have been filmed. But these are really the only things people know about Sweden when it comes to backcountry snowboarding. I figured it would be time to go explore deeper & go gnowboarding near Abisko national park. This really opened my eyes for possibilities. Terrain over there is much bigger & potentially one of the best locations for big mountain riding up north.  In case you need proof I recommend to check Statements chapter 1 – Exploring Swedish Alps    photo: Jani Kärppä

This EPIC TV edit is fun mixture of shredding those legendary transitions & couple bigger lines with fun spring snow. I was hyped that my friend & Transform Gloves team mate Saku Tiilikainen joined for this trip with me. He is such a strong rider & holds good style all the way. Enjoy!


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