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It has been a while since I have been filming backcountry riding in Finland. This year snow coverage is so good that I had to use the opportunity and make the best out of it in Ruka,a place I call home nowdays. Of course the days when the snow is the best are usually the most whiteout but that didn´t stop our crew to get creative. photo: Harri Tarvainen


Top of Ruka is full of these pillowy features that in Finland are called ¨Tykkylumi¨which means snow and rime accumulation on trees and rocks. To me these are the features that really make Finnish backcountry look unique. I know there is similar kind of features in Canada and Japan but accessing is way harder than at home. In Ruka we can literally play around them right from the lift. photo: Harri Tarvainen

During these few days of filming at home last week were really important for me.again I was reminded that riding in Finland is much more than what people regual

During these few days of filming in Ruka I was reminded that riding in Finland is much more than it first seems.Even though snow is often shallow there are times when everything come together and some of the best days of the season are actually the ones you are spending at home.  photo: Harri Tarvainen


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