Filmers Phone: Japan by Iisakki Kennilä

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My filmers film & take photos all the time.  That’s their job but that’s also their passion. Usually the amount of shots from the trips we do is so overwhelming that some of the cool ones never see the light of day. I figured it’s time to change this and give you a chance to see what’s going on when guys have time to take snaps with their phones.

In my opinion living in a moment and capturing what’s really happening is the key for great photography and filming.  This season my first mission for the new film project was in Hokkaido. Filmer Iisakki Kennilä joined for the trip. It was such a priviledge to have pair of fresh eyes in our crew!



Tokachidake is one of the most amazing places you can go to snowboard in Hokkaido.




Long days in the mountain mean even longer drives.  Good tunes and mandatory stop for coffee at 7eleven are the key for a good road trip vibe in Japan!


Trunk door usually works as the best shelter when the snow storms hits and you need to change your gear.


Photographer Rami Hanafi drops into a couloir in Kurodake. Rami and Iisakki hiked this little shoot with me to get a shot from above. Respect for all the photographers and filmers who are keen to sweat for their angles.


Filmer Teemu Lahtinen came to Japan and brought a flu with him. He was more or less sick most of the trip and still worked so hard, he is one hell of a ranger! Finally when he got better he went and rode the best parking lot run of the trip with his Ilahu Snowsurf.


Hiking up, finding the angle, riding down, logging footage, logging photos, editing shots and few emails before it’s time to relax.  These guys definitely earnerd every sip of their master’s dreams!

Making good shots in the backcountry is full on team work and good chemistry between riders and filmers are essential for a successful day in the mountain. I feel that sometimes when our final videos and photos come out there is much more to be shared.  Seeing what happens behind the scenes can give you a bigger perspective of what is going during our filming trips.

I hope you liked this little piece. Another post from another filmer is coming up right after we’re back from the next mission!
















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