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It has been a while since my last blog. There is a reason for it.
I felt a bit drained after last years massive documentary project – Arctic Lights.
The documentary forced me to think about many issues and voice them out on camera. It made me consider my lifestyle and what this so-called ¨normal life¨ outside of snowboarding is.  The film also made me to really think what I want from this snowboarding lifestyle that I love so much.  Once Arctic Lights was done, It left me asking was there any sense of this thing I’m doing?
So what’s the answer to that question?  Hell yeah, there is and there will be! I just need to figure out how to put some missing pieces together so I can combine my love for snowboarding with my life at home.
After summer of thinking and resting plans for my next project started to form. If the past year was all about opening the life behind the scenes to the viewers now it was time to take them for a ride.

Coming closer in Aizu, Japan. photo: Teemu Heljo

My upcoming film project CLOSER is all about the enjoyment of the glide in its purest form. It is not at all about a shot after shot bangers, it’s more about picking apart those small moments in each movement. A sound of the tweaking bindings, the flow of almost suffocating Japanese powder over your face, the spray of snow through the swallowtail off your board, jumping off the littlest (or biggest) bumps on the run, the texture of fresh corduroy and edge knifing into the slope. All those small precious moments and sensations of sliding on a board on any form of frozen water, no matter if its pow, groomer, slush, shaped or natural.. just riding it all.
In Closer also the camera stays in motion and it has been a fun creative challenge for the principal filmer Iisakki Kennilä. He has been filming a lot with his various wizard stick combinations, Gimbals, tele lens follow cams, modified lenses and basically whatever he has had to do to really get closer into action.  With focusing on smaller details some shots have had to be taken over and over again creating a completely new workflow for me as well.

Toni Kerkelä joined the crew in Japan. Here Toni and filmer Iisakki Kennillä are checking footage in Yuzawa. photo: Teemu Heljo

Filming for Closer hasn’t been so much on focusing on one big jump, a challenging line or something gnarly as it has been about getting that one tiniest detail right and then fitting it into the bigger context. It has been a massive challenge, but with success, it has been also super rewarding. It has opened my eyes a lot for new features and with the slower pace of working it has been possible to really nail down the shots we need.
The biggest goal of Closer is to bring the viewer inside the action and inspire to shred. Closer is inclusive, not exclusive.. Closer is all about having fun on a snowboard, whatever the conditions are and a portal to my vision of what freeriding and snowboarding is all about.

Toni Kerkelä buttering in Hakkaisan, Japan photo: Teemu Heljo

Closer will be released this upcoming fall and I will keep you on top of the surface of things here in anttisworld. If you really want to stay in the loop of what is going on with Closer and my other upcoming projects follow my social media IG @anttiautti, @closersnow and facebook
This film could not see the light of day without help from the partners. Big thanks for the support

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