Camping With Top Juniors

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I was invited to be assistant coach for finnish snowboard association junior camp this weekend. Ruka, the mecca of finnish park riding is closing on sunday even though conditions are still epic. Biggest and probably only reason is lack of customers. Down south people are already on summer mode but for these lucky grommets this weekend still meant super good session up north!


I got to ride with 14 year old Rene Rinnekangas this week. He is one the most talented young riders to come out from Finland. Spring riding always brings out the best of everyone and riding with juniors for sure made me ride harder too. when you go to these camps to be a coach you do not stand around, you ride all day long as hard as you can!


One of the highlights of the camp was when everyone came to skate my mini ramp. Even though it got super wet right away it did not stop these kids! Samu Sundell who is also known as ¨Bob Marley of Punavuori¨ was on fire thru out the session


My house in Ruka was pretty full since after skate session I got to talk about life as professional snowboarder and showed few photos of our current project ¨Approach & Attack¨. Juniors come to these camps to learn new tricks but it is also important to let them know about culture of snowboarding and give few tips for the future.


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