After Arctic Lights

Jan 06, 2018 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

It has been a little over a month since we released Arctic Lights at Vimeo on Demand and it has been an amazing ride so far. Planning-, filming-, editing and releasing it has been almost an overwhelming experience. Mainly all good, but also many nerve racking moments has been part of the process. Now that […]


Arctic Lights – Svalbard Expedition

Nov 21, 2017 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 2 comments

Arctic Lights webisode 2 is here and it’s all about exploration in far north. Svalbard Expedition I always want to extend my season. Mainly because in the spring there is lot opportunities to take my snowboarding forward, especially in mountains. For a long time, I have had a dream to go on a sea voyage […]


Arctic Lights – Endless Playground

Nov 08, 2017 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Here we go. Im so happy to finally release first Arctic Lights webisode. This one features two friends riding in their natural environment. Enjoy! ENDLESS PLAYGROUND A forest covered in snow is an Endless Playground, but it also represents a lot more for me and my riding partner Keisuke Yoshida. Its a place of meditation, […]


Arctic Lights – Unfolded

Nov 06, 2017 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

I’m excited! Only 2 days until the first Arctic Lights video edit goes live. Before that, I wanted to give you a little peek of what’s coming the end of this year and tell you a bit more about the few premieres we’ve had for the documentary itself! In the following, my longtime agent/aid / […]


Arctic Weekend – ¨Pohjoisen Expot¨

Oct 31, 2017 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments

Pikkuisen meinasi maanantaina väsyttää. Olen viime ajat säätänyt samanaikaisesti kahta asiaa: tulevaa Arctic Lights -elokuvaa ja Arctic Weekend -tapahtumaa. Nyt viikonlopun jälkeen elokuvan ensi-ilta, että tapahtuma olivat takanapäin ja väsy sen mukainen. Tämän viikonlopun järkkäilyt eivät silti missään nimessä tapahtuneet pelkästään minun ansiostani. Meillä oli hyvä joskin pieni talkooporukka tapahtumaa tekemässä, mutta voisi sanoa, että […]