I’m Antti Autti. I was born and raised in a little town up in Arctic Circle called Rovaniemi. There weren’t that much else to do so I rode at my small local hill all day, every day. I must say that I wasn’t that talented – but I was the most ambitious. There were tons of better riders than me around, but I was so hooked on riding I just couldn’t get enough of it.

I was 10 when I started riding and and at the age of 13 I got my first competition. I was still riding in rookies as I got into the adult’s national team. There I won World Champs, X Games and nearly all the biggest competitions world wide.

In the year 2010 I felt like I needed to do more and not what everyone expected from me. I wanted to ride powder so I quit competing and began freeriding. I still wanted to be professional so I launched my own website and production company and began to produce videos and projects for myself and brands. At that time it really wasn’t the most common path, but I was glad to have a talented crew around me. It wasn’t easy but as I got to shoot with friends the hard work felt more like what we were doing when we were kids: riding together all day long up in the hills – but this time we got paid for it!

It was highly rewarding. For example the celebrated documentary Arctic Lights and internet sensation short film Closer are 100 % from the hands of me and my team. And they have not only gone viral: they are also really meaningful and very different than other action films out there. They are something I’m really proud of.

As a rider I’m really calculative. I think a lot of what should I do and what not. That doesn’t mean I don’t put my all into riding, but before I spread my wings I think to myself are the challenges I take really the ones that move me into the right direction. Yet I still have those days I just cruise around, because riding is the thing I never get enough. But when it comes to doing it professionally, my mindset is there: doing it like a true professional.

As a producer I can say I’m quite similar: calculative and passionate. Due to that I’ve been able to gain my biggest acchievement and to combine my passions and build an environment where we can do awesome projects together with my friends – who happen to be the best at their field. I’m also a co-founder for a event called Arctic Weekend. Its main focus is to activate people and get them stoked of the upcoming season and winter. So I’m keeping myself busy all year round.

Every year I want to be a better rider, athlete and producer. But that doesn’t mean only what you can do, it’s also what you can do for the others. I want to be a better teamworker and leader so the people I work with can feel like they are doing meaningful things.

Because of that I know we are doing meaningful things that get people stoked.