Winning the World Cup, world championships, Olympics. The first european to win the X-Games. None of them matter anymore.

Far up from the arctic circle comes a snowboarder who changed his game plans from racing to snowboarding in the back terrain. He did it with his own terms. He would have had the chance to represent his home country Finland in the Winter Olympics, but he gave others the chance and started to produce his own films. He is maybe the worlds most passionate snowboarder. He is Antti Autti.

Finland is a cold, dark and flat country. Not at all the kind of place where you are accustomed to move along big mountains and deep snow. Participating in international games Antti watched for years from the side how the forbidden fruit outside the slopes looks like and a dream grew inside him. He wanted to snowboard the back terrains himself and how he himself saw it. After leaving the games he has become familiar with all the best back terrains in the world: in Europe, North America, South America, Japan. Antti travels where ever when ever to places with the best snow and where he can fulfill himself.

Only at the age 28 Antti is a already a big player in snowboarding. He has circled the world as a pro from the age of 16. His name has decorated boards and clothes, he has shot several films and he is one of the most succesfull snowboarders in the world. Born and raised in the small town of Rovaniemi Antti has proven what means the finnish term ‘sisu’. The term means that when you believe in yourself everything is possible.