If someone asks how would I describe myself I’d say I’m someone who walks his own path.

Always have.

I was born and raised in a little town up in Arctic Circle called Rovaniemi. There weren’t that much else to do so I rode at my small local hill all day, every day. I must say that I wasn’t that talented – but I was ambitious. There were tons of better riders than me around, but I was so hooked on riding I just couldn’t get enough of it. It wasn’t long after those endless days paid off and I found myself travelling around the world and competing against the best riders. But I didn’t want to be another challenger. Every day, I wanted to ride my snowboard like never before. That passion gave me quite a ride: world championship victories, first European to win at X Games, Olympics – and yet the road just began.

When I was still in the top of contest circuit I did something that many thought was insane. I followed my heart. Still, I wanted to ride better every day and I felt I wasn’t able to be what I wanted if I kept competing. So I quit doing so and went to backcountry.

For a Finnish rider, it was at least an interesting move. Finland isn’t known for producing freeride snowboarders, and even fever makes it as a pro. But I felt I wasn’t just a stranger in my homeland: only few riders in the world also produces their own films.

And that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to get things done in my own way: I needed to make kind of films that got me stoked when I was young. Films that were filled with passionate riding and story. And I guess I wasn’t the only one: in 2014, Approach & Attack was Onboard Magazine’s most viewed film. Since then I’ve been part of creating multiple projects that showcases the passion for snowboarding and adventures. My latest film; Arctic Lights documentary was highly appreciated around the world and is the most watched action sports documentary in YLE, the biggest tv network in Finland.

Still after 17 years, snowboarding is the thing that inspires me every day – and I’m grateful that I’ve found my passion and I get to live it. Keep searching