Best shots for the movie so far

Apr 02, 2011 by antti autti Category: antiout-snowboard-movie 13 comments

Well I guess I don´t really have to tell how good it was yesterday.I really don´t care if I don´t get anymore shots during this trip since it has been the best trip in Scandinavia I have ever done so far. switch bs 180 over windlip



  1. simppisApril 02, 2011   

    no ei paljoo paremmaksi voi mennä

  2. Mikko SjöblomApril 02, 2011   

    No huhhuh!!! Ei paremmasta oo tietoakaan! Kateudesta vihreä… = ) ei kai! no vähäsen harmittaa….

    • JoyceApril 29, 2016   

      Until I found this I thohgut I’d have to spend the day inside.

    • You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

    • car insuranceMay 16, 2016   

      I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

    • online car insuranceJune 04, 2016   

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    • car insuranceJune 04, 2016   

      Sûr Christian qu’il faut trouver un type pour épauler régulièrement Llodra..Cela étant il peut faire le boulot pour encore un bon moment, tant qu’il ne se blessera pas, probablement encore cinq ans sans pbs à moins qu’il ne décide de tout arrêter mais aujourd’hui il gagne plus de fric en double qu’en simple..Le double, ce n’est pas le simple: les 6 joueurs mieux classés que Llodra ont 33 ans (les Bryan), 35 (Zimonjcic), 34 (Mirnyi), 39 (Nestor) et 37 (Bhupati)…A côté, c’est un junior, Mika !!

    • car insurance quotesJune 05, 2016   

      Kos deg masse, og tenk pÃ¥ oss som jobber i romjula…puhh…slit! Skulle ønske jeg satt inne i peiskos med masse bøker og kakao :-/Ha en flott uke!!

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      Thanks for sharing the memory Adin. I remember my first COF conference in 2007. I was part of the first group of bloggers issued press passes. I heard later from the COF PR person at the time that inviting bloggers had been hugely controversial. Now COF has their own blog and does a great job encouraging people to blog and tweet. Times sure change fast.Good luck to you Adin!

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  3. AnttiApril 05, 2011   

    simppis kyllä oukulla voi mennä vielä paremmaksi jos kelit on vaan kohillaan!

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