Approach & Attack: Riksgränsen

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Im happy to present the first of Approach & Attack webisodes. This is pure riding and what better way to kick off the webisode season than edit from my annual spring trip to Riksgränsen, Sweden. ¨Riks¨ is one my favorite places to snowboard probably because terrain over there fits really well to my riding style […]


How to Approach

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It has been about 1,5 weeks since the release of Approach & Attack. Thanks for the comments. Me and rest of the production crew really appreciate all the feedback the movie has been getting. Since the release of  the movie, I have started to receive many questions about backcountry lifestyle. So I figured to give […]



Nov 10, 2014 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 1 comment

Here it is! Our 2 year journey has come to an end and finally Approach & Attack snowboard documentary is out! ¨With help from local riders, I went deeper in the backountry really wanting to showcase my view of riding and passion to share these experiences with local people of each location I visited. Approach […]


Jeera short film – my perspective on snowboarding

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Kuvankaappaus 2014-10-10 kello 9.29.43

New shortfilm about my perspective on snowboarding. Jeera - Hinterland is a collaboration project between University Of Lapland and Flatlight Creative House.   Filmed in Pyha,Finland during January 2013.


Approach & Attack – Teaser 2014

Aug 06, 2014 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 5 comments

  My 2 year journey while filming for Approach & Attack is soon coming to an end. We are still doing one more trip in NZ before the whole movie goes to edit. Second teaser of Approach & Attack is the first real look of what this project is all about.  Full movie is scheduled […]