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I’m excited! Only 2 days until the first Arctic Lights video edit goes live. Before that, I wanted to give you a little peek of what’s coming the end of this year and tell you a bit more about the few premieres we’ve had for the documentary itself! In the following, my longtime agent/aid / buddy Ilmo Niittymaki asked some questions from me.

How do you feel after the first premieres in Finland?
Really good! I’m happily surprised by the amount of great feedback. It’s definitely different movie from what we have done ever before. It’s a proper documentary, not your standard action sports doco.

In the premiere did you feel more nervous about the movie itself or where you self-aware of being so open and bringing your inner self out to the people?
Well, honestly I wasn’t too worried about how the documentary portraits me or my thoughts. When we started doing this it was the whole point, so that wasn’t really anything to be anxious about. These feelings are something that most with passion all go through, but they are not really spoken about, at least not within our scene. For me, it was natural to talk about them, because I’ve been dealing with them for the past 15 years and I can be open about them. The movie, on the other hand, got me stressing though. My main worry was if we are able to portray our vision and message in a way that people outside of snowboarding can also relate to it. We wanted to open up what goes through our minds. It just happens that my passion is snowboarding and the vehicle in this documentary. I think the boys at Kota Collective really got the vision out the right way!

How was last winter different from the last 5 when you just focused on “getting the shot” for an action based edit?
I guess the best way to describe is that I had to give out control. Obviously, I was still making the calls on the riding and places I wanted to go, but the actual filmmaking I had to leave to the production crew. I had to let them realize their vision, get the interviews they needed. I was more an outsider in the production side and merely a subject. Which for a somewhat control freak was a challenge.
I just had to trust the boys to do their thing in the edit. I was more like a passenger in this, no steering wheel, not even a chance to pull the hand break from the passenger seat.

When did you see the movie for the first time?
With everyone else at the invitation-only premiere, we had in Helsinki. Man was I nervous. I had to go for a pee in the middle of the movie, but I blame it on the beer!

As the documentary differs a lot from your previous projects what’s the plan with the action shots and are you happy with that side of things?
We will be backing everything up with two longer action edits coming out on the November 8th & 23rd. These are free online webisodes! We’ll be also dropping a ton of footage all throughout the season as we have a mad pile of it! I think this whole project is very all-round and it gives us a chance to try new ways of promoting the lifestyle we do.
But what comes to if I’m happy about it, man are you ever.
I somewhat filled my goals but I always want more and I always keep thinking I should have gone there etc. but the whole idea of the season was to seek a bit more tranquility and not to force it. I can stay on the slopes forever no matter what the weather is. I always find something to ride, but I was battling the whole season mentally to figure out my behavior and to find the zen that I was seeking for.

Where can you see the film?
It’s going to be released online by the end of the year. We’ll give you the full details soon. If you live close by to some of our tour stops make sure you join us! It’s always better on the big screen.
Make sure to watch the first action-filled Arctic Lights episode – ENDLESS PLAYGROUND November 8th here in

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